Greetings, from the Mudwaffler!

The Mudwaffler has landed!

Ever since the day I first set eyes on Oliver Jeffer’s The Way Back Home I’ve been rather obsessed with picture books. They made me want to be a writer, and the rejection letters in response to that made me want to be an illustrator. I taught myself to illustrate and I’m on the ‘write’ track now in terms of the author tick box, so the obvious next step is to blog silly about them, right!?

Well, here goes!

The Mudwaffler will bring you book reviews, from my favourite classics to the best in what’s out now. There’s a rather FANTABULOUS list of guests in the line-up for the Q&A. PLUS there are drawing and writing tips from the best in the picture book world!

What more could you want?!

Actually there is one more little thing… the Mudwaffler’s badge! Think of it as a club for those who have been featured on the blog. Like Blue Peter, but more waffley.

We look forward to bringing you all sorts of picture book wonder-stuff!

Swamp hugs!

The Mudwaffler

(AKA Karl Newson) SHHH! Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret!



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