Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist with Tim Budgen

I’m very pleased to introduce Tim Budgen as the first Meet the Artist feature on the Mudwaffler…

Tim is a children’s illustrator (and art teacher – lucky kids!) from Hayling Island, South of England.  He is represented by Good Illustration and has a list of clients including Oxford University Press, Highlights magazine, and Cottage Door Press. His most recent published work can be seen in this month’s (July) edition of Storytime Magazine.

TB 1

Tim’s illustrations are described as ‘story telling with whimsical charm, warmth and humour‘. They are full of colour, character and action; almost as if you’re looking at a still from a film. These two recent illustrations from Tim really show his skill…

I have no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more of Tim’s work in the future. I’m a big fan.

In the Studio…

Tim illustrates digitally using Photoshop, his cintiq and Mac, and is often accompanied by his cat Action Alf (with a name like that he really deserves a story at some point soon, doesn’t he?!).

A Day in the Life…

When I am not teaching, my day usually starts quite early. I sleep well but I usually wake up at around 5am. I come down stairs and potter around. I call this my ‘Golden Time’. The time when the house is quiet and I can get on and do my thing. I ALWAYS make myself my first cup of tea of the day in the BIGGEST mug I can find…

I will then go ahead and make myself up a Nutriblast. I can’t function unless I have my five-a-day! In this blast is mango, spinach, blueberry, cherries, yoghurt, chia seeds, almonds, cinnamon and lactose free milk. It’s delicious, try it!

TB 3

Once I have woken up, I will then spend about an hour answering any emails I might have, catching up on any news I might have missed and doing a bit of tweeting. I will probably then spend the next few hours working on either personal pieces for my website or commissions that my agent has sent through.

Usually at around 11am my stomach starts to grumble and I feel the need to go and stretch my legs. I must have done something pretty good in a previous life as I am lucky enough to live surrounded by fields but only 200 yards from the beach. Getting out from behind the desk is so important and allows me time to clear the head and actually get a chance to talk to my wife.

Sometimes, we will venture down to the pub on the South beach to get some liquid refreshment and then we will amble back to the house ready for the afternoons work.

I will probably resume work at about 2pm (depending on how long our walk has taken us) and will work on more commissions right up till about 7 pm. I say work, usually this is punctuated with a lot of Facebook and twitter time. The usual procrastination that comes with being a creative. I down tools at 7 and will grab a bite to eat with my wife and catch up on her news. Sometimes if I’ve got a tight deadline I might head back to my studio to work late. And that is a usual day.

In the Making…

Tim let’s us in on the thoughts behind his step-by-step approach to illustration.

pirate-description-1 pirate-description-2 pirate-description-3 pirate-description-4 pirate-description-5 pirate-description-6 pirate-description-7 pirate-description-8

Top Tips

Tim shares the tips he’s picked up along the way…

  1. Draw everyday. Anything, even if it’s only small.
  2. Listen and learn from those around you – you can always be better.
  3. Work hard. On your style, your folio and techniques.
  4. Back up everything. Technology is wonderful but it can be a real bugger when you least expect it.
  5. Remember those around you. It’s OK to take time off away from your work.

Hear, hear!

A very big THANK YOU to Tim!

Be sure to check out Tim’s website and find him on Twitter @timbudgen

Swamp Hugs! Till the next time…

The Mudwaffler


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